Talent Management:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

Talent Management:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men/women with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." ~ Calvin Coolidge

Our company is in the business of attracting... retaining... training... and building leadership teams with a single focus: Build a GREAT organization! THINK: Yes or No?

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Executive Summary...

Ultimately, your business has but ONE strategy: Build great PEOPLE who will go on to build a great BUSINESS. Anything less is short sighted, self-limiting and self-defeating.

Once you have created a Mission worth pursuing and developed a killer product... menu... breakfast combo... coffee drink... web site... delivery logistics system... legal service... (WHATEVER)... you must take the NEXT step and build an entire team of people to unleash it to the world.

A huge key to long term success is in maximizing the effectiveness of your people (human capital) by creating a management structure that optimizes the value of your labor force, leadership team and other resources. At the highest level, it is all about building a strong team, led by capable leaders. It is about quickly moving people up the ladder from labor to manager to leader.

It is about employing the highest and best use of every person on your payroll... and if they don't fit, quickly terminating the underachievers. At the most granular level, it is about an almost infinite array of details: policies and procedures... compensation packages... legal compliance... hiring, training and terminations... wage and hour record keeping... job descriptions... measuring employee effectiveness, etc.

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"Somehow I can't believe that there are any heights that can't be scaled by a man/woman who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four C s. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable." ~ Walt Disney

While there is a tremendous difference between leadership and management — leaders lead people... management manages things — the development of BOTH strong leaders and strong managers is essential to winning the game of business. Without strong leadership, you run in circles with little forward direction — because your leaders lack clarity of VALUES, VISION and CONVICTION. Without strong management, the details quite literally eat you alive — because you are always playing catch up, you burn out fast... with few results and little progress for all the effort expended.

Think about all the activities surrounding this function: Workforce planning... Employee development... Recruiting... On boarding... Rewards/Compensation... Labor laws/relations... Safety training/posters... Osha/Hippa/FMLA compliance... 360 Degree Performance Appraisals... Leadership training... Conflict resolution... Interviewing... Background checks... Mentoring... Terminations/Exit Processes... Evolving job descriptions... Maintaining policy and procedure manuals... Communicating results up and down the chain of command... everything that turns ordinary people into extraordinary team members.

Clearly, unleashing the talent inherent within every person in your organization... giving your company the ability to consistently produce results beyond expectations... is what the Talent Management function is really about.

Excellence At This Function Means You Can Say...

  • We have deployed a Continuous Personal Improvement (CPI) training system within our business and every employee has access to this training...
  • Our compensation system is heavily weighted towards those people who consistently produce outstanding results...
  • Every member of our team is totally committed to achieving our Mission... every single day...
  • My company is seen as a powerful competitive force in our industry because we have developed strong leaders, a strong management team and employees who embrace our passion for serving our customers.
  • We are constantly recruiting the best people, adding significant "bench strength" to our leadership team.

Improve This Function Now...

This Golden Function is composed of the following sub-functions and actions — things which must be done to guarantee your success.

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Company Culture

1.  TTCCBE  Articulate company ethics. Communicate to the entire company. Integrate into all company procedures and promotional materials.
2.  TTCCCP  Establish codes of practice for our company. Communicate to the entire company. Write into each employee handbook and position/function manual.
3.  TTCCLO  Discover practices/procedures/training/technology and skills that teach our company how to learn and improve from each day's business.
4.  TTCCTI  Establish/train/improve a culture of trust and integrity between all company employees and between our company and everyone else.
5.  TTCCTS  Schedule events/programs/trainings/rewards that improve company/team spirit.

Employee Compensation/Motivation

1.  TTCMBS  Review compensation package including benefits to ensure they are competitive with local and industry standards and expectations.
2.  TTCMCB  Anticipate and prepare for collective bargaining negotiations.
3.  TTCMCS  Review salaries/wages to ensure they are competitive with local and industry standards and expectations.
4.  TTCMFB  Establish, review and improve flexible benefit plans for all employees.
5.  TTCMFS  Establish and review a flexible spending account for employees.
6.  TTCMHI  Review, compare and improve our company's health insurance policy and benefit package.
7.  TTCMME  Have motivation of employees a prime responsibility of all management personnel and increase training on how to do so.
8.  TTCMPB  Review company offer, policy and procedures for portability of benefits.
9.  TTCMPP  Review and improve company pension plan.
10.  TTCMRA  Discover what awards/bonus/acknowledgements motivate each employee and insert rewards as often as possible.
11.  TTCMRP  Create, review and improve employee retention program.
12.  TTCMSO  Create, promote and maintain an employee stock ownership program.
13.  TTCMWP  Review and improve company wellness program.

Employee Performance Review

1.  TTPRAE  Research and select method(s) for assessing/evaluating employee performance to be used at next employee review period.
2.  TTPRER  Establish/improve periodical employee reviews for the benefit of both company and employee.
3.  TTPRPI  Identify key performance indicators for each position and incorporate into it new employee interviews and current employment assessments.
4.  TTPRPR  Research and select method(s) for assessing/evaluating team performance and apply it to all current teams.


1.  TTHFEA  Interview/review employment agencies to contract the best service, matching our company's needs.
2.  TTHFEC  Review and update all employment contracts.
3.  TTHFEI  Always be interviewing new talent. Initiating interest in employees moving up in the company.
4.  TTHFES  Improve and streamline the employee screening process to improve accuracy and effectiveness of acquiring the best people for each position.
5.  TTHFHA  Solicit professional recruiting agencies to determine if they can assist in locating key employees.
6.  TTHFJD  Write or review job descriptions for each employee/position to confirm it is consistent, complete and accurate.
7.  TTHFMC  Create philosophy and process for all team members to be constantly recruiting new talent.
8.  TTHFPE  Initiate/review our company's policy for probationary employment periods for all new hires.
9.  TTHFRH  Improving the hiring/recruiting process will improve the quality of prospects and securing key personnel.
10.  TTHFTA  Survey temporary employment agencies to determine how they can best assist our company.


1.  TTLPLD  Establish, review, improve our company's leadership development programs to improve leadership qualities for all employees.
2.  TTLPXR  Identify key executive positions to be filled, have an explicit job description, with the company expectation, compensation, and interview candidates.


1.  TTMGDG  Train all employees in the best methods of how to delegate to others and how to accept a delegated assignment.
2.  TTMGMC  Hire a coach, mentor, expert, consultant, that will help in performing this function.
3.  TTMGMD  Formalize a manager development program for all existing and aspiring managers within the company.
4.  TTMGMO  Study different management styles and purposes. Select and implement the best style for each function.
5.  TTMGMP  Study and experiment with new/different/improved management philosophies.
6.  TTMGMR  Identify key management positions to be filled, have explicit job descriptions, company expectation, compensation, and then interview candidates.
7.  TTMGTM  Develop and update Talent Management manual for all talent management responsibilities, activities and operations.


1.  TTOSCS  Hire a consultant to gain expert experience instead of learning or performing the work in-house.
2.  TTOSIC  Hire independent contractors to gain expertise and assistance that our company can not currently provide.
3.  TTOSJV  Create a joint-venture with a company that can perform business functions we need.
4.  TTOSOO  Outsource work to another person, company, organization, supplier, partner.
5.  TTOSSC  Hire a subcontractor.
6.  TTOSSP  Contract with professional service provider to perform work beyond current scope of company potential.
7.  TTOSVS  Recruit volunteers to do work.


1.  TTPPAA  Establish clear guidelines for anti-discriminating and train all employees in affirmative action regulations and company culture.
2.  TTPPDA  Establish a standard procedure for registering complaints and resolving disputes within the company.
3.  TTPPEH  Write/review employee handbooks.
4.  TTPPEP  Determine and integrate employee privacy policies.
5.  TTPPLL  Review all applicable federal, state and local labor laws to ensure company's compliance.
6.  TTPPLU  Review all applicable federal, state and local laws as they apply to labor unions to ensure company's compliance.
7.  TTPPPH  Write/review company policy handbook for legal compliance, accuracy, being current and complete.


1.  TTTFFE  Review and standardize conditions and procedures for firing an employee to be consistent and reduce chance of claims against our company.
2.  TTTFLD  Establish protocol for layoffs/downsizing practices.
3.  TTTFSP  Establish standards for severance pay packages.
4.  TTTFXI  Implement an exit interview with each departing employee.


1.  TTTDAP  Create/review apprenticeship positions and programs.
2.  TTTDBE  Present general business education program. Train employees in basic principles of business and how their performance affects the bottom line.
3.  TTTDBT  Create/support/require technical, occupational and computer training to improve all employees level of expertise.
4.  TTTDCD  Establish, review, improve company commitment and assistance to all employee career planning and development programs.
5.  TTTDCM  Establish/review a program where employees mentor/coach other employees in both personal and technical skills.
6.  TTTDCS  Create/review programs for employees designed to improve communication skills.
7.  TTTDCT  Cross train all employees in related positions to their primary one.
8.  TTTDGT  Schedule events/programs/trainings that improve group/team skills.
9.  TTTDIP  Create/review apprenticeship positions and programs.
10.  TTTDIS  Schedule events/programs/trainings that improve interpersonal skills.
11.  TTTDMB  Investigate/implement Myers-Briggs or other personality type evaluations to assist in making all employees more productive.
12.  TTTDMT  Standardize conditions and expectations for promoting employees.
13.  TTTDPD  Integrate personal development programs into every level of employment.
14.  TTTDPS  Make personal counseling services available to all employees.
15.  TTTDPT  Schedule frequent training sessions to teach personal productivity to all employees.
16.  TTTDRJ  Review and survey all employees to determine if they are in the right job for who they are, their strengths/weakness, skills and personality.
17.  TTTDSM  Teach employee awareness of stress, both personal and work related and teach methods for reducing stress.
18.  TTTDSW  Select an employee strength/weakness evaluation and commit to implementing the proper management of the insights discovered.
19.  TTTDWF  Schedule events/programs/trainings that promote the benefit of a multi-cultural work force.