Solid Gold Performance:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

Solid Gold Performance:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." ~ Aristotle

Continuously Smarter Business.

Take a moment to soak in the last 10 chapters. They are the Golden Keys to outrageous business success.

Take a moment to quickly add up your Function Scores. Enter it here: #____.

What do you THINK? Is your "perceived MyBizIQ" in the top 85-95 range? Lower? Put yourself to the real test at

Earlier, we told you that you had a choice between the tired old, "business as usual, trial and error method," or a fresh new, highly Functional, systematic approach to success. We said that, in addition to it being the direct route to transforming your hard work into sold gold performance... it was also the CLEAR path — at least the CLEAREST route — to fame and fortune!

Here's how we can make this statement:

Simply DO each of the 10 Key Functions better — every day...

You will GET more new customers...

You will KEEP those customers coming back...


What more is there?

Oh, yea, you will have a lot more FUN doing it, because a successful business is a FUN business... a making money while changing the world is a FUN business... and a business that creates jobs, opportunities, promotes global commerce... all while making you WEALTHY... is a hoot and a half!

Can you imagine turning your business into a
$200 million dollar a year company based on a better tasting energy bar?
It's not farfetched... it's doable!

It Takes all 10 Key Functions...

For small startup companies, only a few Functions are initially "business critical," with the remainder being in minor supporting roles. For example, you MUST have a clear MISSION... MUST have MARKETING and INNOVATION nailed, with strong SALES support.

While FINANCIAL management of some kind is necessary (a shoe box with checking account attached is ok at first,) sooner or later, you must master the financial aspects of business or they will be your demise.

For larger, growing, aspiring to greatness companies, all 10 Functions become more important and more evolved on a day to day basis. For example, as growth takes hold, Talent Management, Admin and Ops Management become essential to your survival. An elevated need for better Production Management starts to unfold as formal TQM programs develop to guarantee a WOW customer experience.

Given the size, number of employees and type of business that you run, each of the 10 Functions will start to "cry out for attention" as you grow from Stage to Stage.

What's Holding You Back?

Think about each of the 10 Key Functions and your ability to get MORE customers. Which single Function do you think you need to emphasize right now... a Function that will bring more NEW customers to your door?

Think about each of the 10 Functions and your ability to keep MORE customers coming back to you. Which single Function do you think you need to emphasize right now... a Function that will bring more EXISTING customers back through your door?

Think about each of the 10 Functions and your ability to make MORE money. Which single Function do you think you need to emphasize right now... a Function that will bring real profits to your door?

Think about what you just learned. Powerful stuff. Now, think about how many of these Key Functions you are really good at doing right now. Forget about your Total MyBizIQ Score for a moment.

Simply think about the power and potential of these 10 Key Functions, and how they impact your business life. Do any jump out at you as, "WOW ~ if we did this one better, we'd be golden?"

What is your company noticeably GREAT at? If a couple of guys can turn sneakers sold out of the back of a used van into a multi-billion dollar powerhouse... why can't you?

Which are holding you back from achieving Stage-4 Greatness?

At some point it will be MARKETING that's holding you back from taking the next big step towards greatness.

At some point it will be TALENT MANAGEMENT, your ability to field the right people in every area of your operation that's holding you back from taking the next big step towards greatness.

At some point it will be your FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT that's holding you back from taking the next big step towards greatness. You can't grow without sufficient capital; and you will never raise serious money without professional Financial Management.

At some point it will be INVENTION and INNOVATION MANAGEMENT... your ability to create the hot-new-next... that's holding you back from taking the next big step towards greatness.

Without question, these 10 Key Functions drive your 3 Prime Directives and propel you to Stage-4 Greatness or, in their absence, are the reason you will work your tail off, and end up with zip to show for all your hard work.

Remember, the OBJECTIVE of the Golden Game of Business is to turn your PASSION into a gold mine. To reach your objective, you must employ all 10 Functions on a consistent basis. You can't do just one or two and call it good enough.

At some point in the evolution of your business, you, and your entire team must do all 10 simultaneously to move from Stage-1 Sustainability to Stage-4 Greatness. Otherwise, you will be forever stuck in first gear, wondering WHY you can't gain traction and pick up speed.

Clearly, you now understand the RULES.

You now understand that your 3 Prime Directives are directly and indirectly driven by the degree to which you have mastered the 10 Golden Functions.

Again, the message is clear. To achieve your objectives — wealth... growth... and fun — you must, at every Stage of business, optimize these 10 Functions to maximize your success.

The only issue remaining is what does it take for YOU, the PLAYER to do BOTH: PLAN to WIN and PLAY to WIN?

Please take a moment to think about these 3 Golden Truths:

Sam Walton said "High Expectations are the key to everything."

No question, this is a Golden Truth.

E. R. Haas (me) said "High Expectations DEMAND Brilliant Execution."

This is another Golden Truth.

Now, study another of Emerson's famous quotes. This is an age-old Golden Truth...

"Few people have any NEXT, they live
from hand to mouth without a PLAN,
and are always at the end of their line."

Wow, does this say it all?!

Back in chapter 1 we made a statement that is the core of what we call The Winner's Mindset™. Winners fully EXPECT to WIN... where failures lose simply because they don't EXPECT to WIN in the first place.

When you break it down, winners THINK strategically. What this means is that winners have real goals and plans... the basis for High Expectations. They ALWAYS know what to expect, because they have, as Emerson puts it, a NEXT.

They can explain, in crystal-clear detail, how they see their MISSION turning into visions, achieved. They can see the pieces and parts of the Mission picture, because they have broken it down into tangible milestones and objectives... with specific goals entered into their calendar... and step-by-step PLANS to support those goals.

Think WIN WIN...

In the final analysis, highly successful businesses are built by entire TEAMS of people all thinking WIN WIN: What's Important Now... What's Important Next?

Winners ALWAYS have a NEXT where losers wish, wait, wonder and wander. The simple truth of the matter is that you can win and win big... or you can lose and lose big... all depending on your NEXT.

Wish for success, and time will pass you by.

Wait for success, and you will spend most of your time wondering what happened... rather than taking bold action to make things happen.

Wander around in the wilderness, running in circles, depleting your time and energy... and you will burn yourself out... the number one killer of business hopes and dreams.

You will always be at the end of your line... end of your rope... on your "last nerve" as my dear old mom would say... until you discover the power of the NEXT.

Put another way, Fail to Plan... Plan to Fail.

The power of the plan cannot be overstated when it comes to achieving personal and business success. So, the question becomes, What's Important Next?

What, exactly must you DO next to improve your 3 Prime Directives?

What, exactly must you DO next to improve your 10 Key Functions, indeed, master them?

What, exactly must you DO next to move up from Stage to Stage... ultimately turning your business into a gold mine?

The Answer: Your Strategic Plan.

In Book 2 of The Golden Game of Business Success: Planning To WIN, we will take you on an adventure of discovery... an adventure that will result in you discovering what your NEXT is for the NEXT four quarters and beyond.

You will have in YOUR possession the single most important document of all time... a one year timeline with quarter by quarter DO IT's all designed to maximize income... optimize growth... and put you on the fast track for turning your business into a source of wealth and prosperity — for you and your entire community. (See below for special offer.)

Strategy vs. Tactics.

If you are like the vast majority of business people, you have probably spent the lion's share of your time on fielding Tactics... without ever connecting the dots to a coherent, cohesive and comprehensive STRATEGY for moving up the food chain.

The great news is that by completing the work in Book 2, you will see your opportunities and problems in a whole new light. You will start to see specific things you can do, right now, that will make a huge difference to your bottom line results.

You will have, in your hot little hands, your NEXT.

You will have a Strategic Plan, maybe for the first time in your business life, that will actually GET you from here and now... all the way out to there and then... a future where you have achieved your biggest, most glorious goals.

Yes, you will be on the Royal Road to Greatness... the road that leads you though the maze of WIN WIN thinking... to a specific place in time where you will declare...


You have now completed Book 1 of The Golden Game of Business Success. We have presented the business case for lasting success.

You now know the RULES. You now understand the 3 Prime Directives of Business. You now understand the importance of the 10 Golden Functions that drive your 3 Prime Directives...

You now know that you cannot WIN unless you PLAN to WIN.

You now know that to WIN, you must PLAY to WIN...

You now know that to WIN, you the PLAYER must gain the POWER to WIN.

A Thought on the PLAYER...

Never forget that a business does not exist absent leadership and management. It is YOU — the PLAYER of the Game of Business — that IS the business. YOU are your BUSINESS.

This means that YOU, the PLAYER of the game... the LEADER of the business... the MANAGER of the details... the PLANNER... the DOER... the man or woman with the responsibility to keep the dream alive... has to play to WIN.

This is true regardless of the size of your business, and especially true for the very small business with less than 10 employees — the Micro-preneurs, Solo-preneurs, Mom-preneurs, Pop-preneurs and budding Entrepreneurs. Who else but YOU and your little band of zealots are going to make it happen?

The theme of the Golden Game of Business Success Series has, up until now, been all about the game itself... the RULES... the 3 Prime Directives and the 10 Functions that must be performed — and performed well — if you expect to actually WIN the game... to achieve the objective of turning your organization into a wealth-generating gold mine.

We have also pulled no punches.

There WILL be WINNERS... There WILL be LOSERS...

The difference, as we have been saying since page 1, is that you, the PLAYER must PLAN to WIN and PLAY to WIN.

As you know now, these are not "buzz words." You have to be IN it to WIN it if you are to turn your hopes and dreams into a business that matters.

Please take a moment to think about this timeless advice. It is so important we have used it three times before.

"Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to WIN it." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

While drafted almost 175 years ago, it is as TRUE today as the day it was written!

Prophetic words...

The prize will not be sent to you. You have to WIN it.

Emerson should know. He was one of the smartest, wealthiest and most successful men alive at the time... providing the "juice" so his good buddy, Henry David Thoreau could write his heart out on Waldon Pond!

Over the last 15 chapters we have given you principles and methods... in spades!

Now the conversation turns to YOU, the player. Who else but YOU and your team are going to play the game to win it?!

Remember, you have NO business without YOU in the equation. Businesses are made up of people. Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of GE said it best...

"At GE we build great people who go on to build a great business."

It is impossible to build a great business... a business that quickly moves from Stage-1 Sustainability to Stage-4 Greatness... without each PLAYER playing up to his or her full potential. Impossible.

We point this out because we do not want to leave any stone unturned in our desire to help you achieve your objectives. For you to actually WIN the Golden Game of Business, you must play it "all in!"

This means constantly growing... constantly evolving... becoming the best YOU possible as you work your plans... as you master the business-critical Functions that will drive your company to gold mine status.

This means choosing EXCELLENCE over MEDIOCRITY in every decision you make and every action you take.

The Intentional Pursuit of Excellence...

As we said in the Introduction, Kent and I are performance experts. In fact, we are the founders of ThinkTQ, Inc, the world's leading publisher of virtual training products for personal and professional excellence — the only company with the tools, technology and systems that make it possible to instantly improve your performance — dynamically accelerating your potential for true and lasting success.

ThinkTQ is in the business of measuring and improving human POTENTIAL — YOUR potential — giving you the baseline reference point for meaningful changes... and the TOOLS to rapidly hone your God-given TALENTS into hard-edged SKILLS, with which you will achieve ALL your dreams, goals and aspirations.

With over 25 years of experience, we have the resources to do something that others can only promise: Train you to immediately produce greater Results... in far less Time... through a continuous process of self-measurement... self-evaluation... and self-improvement.

TQ is patterned after the US Olympic Training Progression: First, master your Fundamentals... Then, learn how to Train to Train... Next, Train to Compete... Finally, Train to WIN.

TQ is the absolute finest personal and corporate training regimen ever created. These are not just words. We have the empirical data and the most successful people in the world to back these words up!

We mention this because High TQ Performance is the key for you to PLAY the game at a level sufficiently high enough to WIN it.

High TQ Performance means just 4 words: High Expectations ~ Brilliant Execution.

Continuously raise your EXPECTATIONS and you generate the inner-power to WIN.

Continuously EXECUTE beyond EXPECTATIONS and your hopes and dreams turn into amazing RESULTS!

This is the pure essence of THINKING Strategically... ACTING Tactically... and EXECUTING Brilliantly.

What is TQ, exactly?

TQ stands for your Time Quotient.

TQ is the effective measurement of your Working Intelligence... how "smart" you are working at any point in time... a measurement of your power to produce significant Results over Time.

"There are countless ways of attaining greatness. But any road to reaching one's maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity." ~ Buck Rodgers, IBM

With tens of millions of data points at, we have found that there is indeed a formula for long term success. You are looking at it above.

Produce significantly better Results, and do it in less Time, your TQ soars. You instantly become more successful.

Put simply, your Time Quotient is a Gold Standard assessment of the ACTIONS you take to produce the RESULTS you get over TIME.

TQ measures how smart you ACT, not how smart you ARE.

TQ doesn't measure your cognitive intelligence (IQ,) or your emotional intelligence (EQ.) For purposes of this discussion, assume your IQ and EQ are good enough — because they are.

Your TQ is based on 100 simple, easily repeatable actions, so TQ is the only form of intelligence you can actually improve over time.

Your PERFORMANCE Matters...

We mention the above to point you in the right direction with respect to your personal performance. In a word, if you intend to turn your hard work into a gold mine, to turn your business into a Stage-4 wealth generating enterprise, your performance MATTERS!

Your performance MATTERS when you face the day looking for your first NEW customers.

Your performance MATTERS when you make additional contact with your EXISTING customers.

Your performance MATTERS when you make decisions that affect your bottom line PROFITABILITY.

If you PLAN to WIN... and want to PLAY to WIN... Commit to Continuous Personal Improvement (CPI)....

When you have a chance, ask your entire team to go to and test their TQ. Order copies of The Power of TQ and 10 Choices of Intentional Excellence for everyone interested in helping you achieve the MISSION you have taken on.

Obviously, we cannot tell you in a single page what is contained in your 172 page, personal, made-to-order copy of The Power of TQ. Suffice it to say that if your TQ Score is less than 70, you will have a great deal of TROUBLE making the grade.

As Emerson would say, "The man or woman who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have TROUBLE."

Why not stack the deck in your favor? Why not take the easy path to greatness: Wealth, Power and Happiness? Why not do BOTH: fully embrace the PRINCIPLE of Intentional Excellence and vastly improve your METHODS at the same time?

Gain the Power of TQ...

You will have the POWER to PLAY the Golden Game of Business with the full EXPECTATION of WINNING it.

You will have the POWER to GET more customers than you ever dreamed possible.

You will have the POWER to KEEP your existing clients coming back to YOU... clamoring for MORE of your brilliantly innovative products and services.

You will have the POWER to MAKE real MONEY... not just let opportunity after opportunity slip through YOUR fingers and end up in someone else's checkbook.

Think seriously about the road immediately ahead of you.

Think about all your hopes, dreams and plans.

Greatness, nothing short of greatness is your ambition, right?

High Expectations in every area of your life is the Golden Key to everything, right? (You DO believe Sam Walton when he says "high expectations are the key to everything," right?)

If this is all true — and it is — then you have no recourse but to EXECUTE BRILLIANTLY, right?

The only question you must ask yourself is this, "Am I, and my entire team up to the challenge?"

Big question, with huge implications, isn't it?

The bottom line is this. If you EXPECT to WIN... you and your team have to PLAY to WIN... by EXECUTING beyond Expectations. There is no "other" other way.

Your "Cheat Sheet"...

Please take a moment to reflect on what you have learned.

1. The "secret" to long term success is doing business SMARTER by continuously asking SMARTER Questions... which leads to...

Making SMARTER Choices and taking SMARTER Actions.

2. This is the heart and soul of...

THINKING Strategically... ACTING Tactically... and EXECUTING Brilliantly.

3. To do this, you must constantly focus on the 3 Golden Rules of Business...

Rule #1: You must GET new customers each day...

Rule #2: You must KEEP customers returning each day...

Rule #3: You must MAKE money... day by day over time.

4. Focus your attention on the 3 Golden Verbs: GET, KEEP, MAKE... hour by hour... day by day... quarter by quarter... and over the years... you will turn your business into a gold mine. Don't and you will work your heart out... come up short... and ultimately fail.

5.The Golden Questions you must answer, day-in-day-out...

What's Important Now?
What's Important Next?

6. These Golden Questions cause you determine which Golden Key Function you will improve NOW... then NEXT to unlock your company's full potential.

7. Thus, your success is directly, and indirectly, driven by the degree to which you have mastered the 10 Golden Functions.

8. To WIN the Golden Game of Business, you must:

  • Know RULES...
  • PLAN to WIN...
  • PLAY to WIN...

9. Planning to WIN requires you to create a quarter-by-quarter Strategic Plan... the play book for optimal success...

10. Playing to WIN requires Solid Gold Performance:

High Expectations...
Brilliant Execution...

11. Which is built on your commitment to...

The Intentional Pursuit of Excellence.

12. Which requires you to ultimately Achieve the 4 C's of the Winner's Mindset™:

Absolute CLARITY of Values, CLARITY of
Vision and CLARITY of Roles...

Total CONVICTION that what
you are doing is the RIGHT thing to be doing...

Unconditional COMMITMENT to your Mission...

And the unwavering COURAGE to consistently take bold ACTION.

Most importantly, for you to WIN the Golden Game of Business, we must train you to cut through the blur of all your problems, circumstances and self-induced drama... to SEE and SEIZE OPPORTUNITY hidden just beyond your current field of vision.

Think about it. If we can deliver what we just promised — and we can — we will have given you what Titans of business call "The Midas Touch!"

Get With The Program...

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A Simple New Approach to Business Success...

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Here's what you get...

Planning to WIN...

Books 1 and 2 of the Golden Game of Business Success are a custom-prepared, comprehensive evaluation of your business strengths and weaknesses — and a proposal of what WE would DO... what WE would CHANGE if we were in YOUR shoes — to move you from where you are NOW... to where you want to GO.

Based on the current status of your company, we first custom analyze and then reveal the unique and specific advice that will make the biggest improvement at your company right now. This valuable new company report is printed in full color, hard bound and encased in the most beautiful cover you have ever seen.

The MyBizIQ system takes all the complex ideas and advice others could give you and brackets in and clearly identifies the most effective, most productive actions you must take in the next 12-24 months to reach your company's full potential.

Planning To WIN gives you a simple but powerful Strategic Plan, printed out at the click of a button, that will tell you exactly what to do to: GET more customers... KEEP more customers coming back to you... and MAKE more money.

Without pulling any punches, this is by far and away the highest value, lowest cost business consultation and personal coaching you will find anywhere — guaranteed.

This is a process and a system you will want to share with each person in your company. It is designed and written on purpose to engage your entire team in buying into the new plan and pulling in the same direction.

Guaranteed Success...

To prove our commitment to your on-going success, you will also receive 4 One Hour Expert Consultations over the course of the next year. Our knowledgeable staff will help you resolve questions and issues. Better, they will offer you specific advice on how to best move your business forward.

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Think about it. You are working your butt off right now. Wouldn't it be great if you maximized your return on all that hard work?

No question, you can make a lot more money... build real wealth... and have a lot more fun.

All you need to do is PLAN TO WIN... Then PLAY TO WIN.

About The Winner's Mindset...

As we have been saying from page one on, the key to long term business success is to help you first MASTER your FUNdamentals, then as the PLAYER, actually play the game to WIN.

To help you quickly get up to speed, we have created a WINNERS PRIMER, a wonderful new book that leads you through the steps to reset your "money thermostat" to start you thinking like a winner.

So many people fail simply because they don't expect to succeed in the first place.

The key to low expectations is to first reset your Vision of what is possible for your life.

Book 3 of The Golden Game of Business Success focuses on helping you understand the importance of the 4 C's of the Winner's Mindset.

CLARITY of Values, Visions and Roles...

CONVICTION that what you are doing is the RIGHT thing to be doing...

COMMITMENT to your dreams and goals...

And the COURAGE to take the BOLD ACTIONS required each day to move you towards the success you desire.

Without question, you will learn more about WINNING the game of business in this unique new book — in 30 minutes — than you will in 30 years at the school of hard knocks!

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Creating Gold Mines...

To round out this four book compendium, you will also receive our highly motivational and inspirational commentary on 25 of the most successful businesses in the world.

Remember, every great company was, at one time, exactly where you are now. A SMALL business with BIG aspirations

What you may not yet realize is that the secret to their success is also the secret to YOUR success.

Creating Gold Mines will cause you to pause... cause you to think... cause you to expand your vision for what's possible for your company.

Better understand how Apple, Starbucks, Zappos, Google and the like turned nothing but an idea and a few bucks into global powerhouses... real Gold Mines in every sense of the word... and you will see how you too can unleash your full potential, and the potential of your entire team.

Training You TO WIN

Now you can PLAY The Game With The Power To WIN...

The key to WINNING the game of business is High TQ Performance: High Expectations coupled with Brilliant Execution.

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No, we are not arrogant.

Yes, this is tough talk, but recognize this.

We know who our IDEAL CUSTOMER is, and have the power to help them achieve results well beyond expectations. All we ask is the courtesy of a YES or NO decision.

If you are happy with where you are right now, not a problem. There is nothing we can do to help you if you are satisfied with your current results.

If you believe your Biz IQ is high enough and you can improve it on your own, not a problem. We wish you well and hope to see you at the top soon.

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Huge Value... Tiny Price...

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You will have a strategic PLAN for the next 4 Quarters...

You will have the desire to PLAY to WIN and the resources needed to do it.

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What's Included? How are we different?

Think of the MyBizIQ Quick Start System as a high-end consultant who spends a couple of days at your business... asking you the right questions... and then comes up with a strategic course of action designed to improve your growth potential and profitability. He or she would recommend what you need to do differently to get more customers coming through your doors... things you need to do to improve customer retention... and specific ideas for improving your bottom line.

They hand you the bill... somewhere between $5-10,000.

We are exactly like this... but the difference is startling: We charge you $250 and deliver a 300 page, hardbound book containing a 400 plus list of "Do It's"... all organized for immediate action. You save somewhere around $5-10,000 and HERE'S THE REAL DIFFERENCE — we unconditionally GUARANTEE that our plan will work or we simply give you your money back!

1. Books 1 and 2 of the Golden Game of Business Success are custom-printed, beautifully HARD BOUND with some 300 pages of specific analysis, evaluation and advice — all written specifically for you.

Book 2, Planning To WIN, contains hundreds of hot new ideas to help you increase your top line revenue, and make more money starting right now. Value: $2,000 - $50,000 (The only comparable program like this would be a 5 day consulting project leading to a personalized Strategic Plan. Mc Kinsey or The Boston Consulting Group would charge at least $500,000 to produce a unique document like this for one of their Fortune 500 clients.)

2. Books 3 and 4 of the Golden Game of Business Success as custom-produced eBooks you will cary everywhere. Value: $50 (Inspiration and motivation — priceless!)

3. Four one-hour Quarterly Reviews by your MyBizIQ Accountability Mentor. These calls are how we monitor your progress and give you pointers for smarter business. Coaching normally costs $150-500/ hour. The quality of our people are at the high end of the range. Value: $ 1,500

4. We have made a special arrangement with our parent company to provide the 19 CD, TQ Basic System as the FREE bonus for acting now. They normally sell the components for $1,034 (if ordered individually,) or as a bundle for $249.95. You get this program FREE with the MyBizIQ Quick Start System. Value $250

5. Dynamic access to the Strategic Planning center where you will maintain your plan for the next 12 months... and discover new products and services to help you move forward. Value: $500/year. (There are several competitors that charge $5-6,000 for similar planning software containing external resources.)

Total Value: $6,000 to $50,000. Your CPA would probably render these services for $10-20,000 if they had the tools. Get the System, turn it over to him or her and ask what they would charge for these tools... if they even had them to offer.

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To focus on you, the PLAYER, you will also receive the full, 22 elements of the TQ Basic System. Purchased individually, this system will cost you over $1,000. Order now and it is yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

1. The Power of TQmade-to-order virtual personal book. $39.95 Included
2. Custom Printed—and bound edition of your 172 page personal book. Full color covers, lay-flat binding beautifully printed in B&W on high-use paper stock. $24.95 Included
3. Expert Personal Review—of your TQ Scores giving you specific, step-by-step written instructions for immediate improvement. $39.95 Included
4. Time Prism Screen Saver Training System—contains more than 10,000 selectable training sequences. $39.95 Included
5. The TQ Smart ENERGY Personal Workshop CD—trains you to commit to peak personal power! $39.95 Included
6. The TQ Smart MISSION Personal Workshop CD—teaches you how to live what you value most! $39.95 Included
7. The TQ Smart ATTITUDE Personal Workshop CD—helps you transform your passion into action! $39.95 Included
8. The TQ Smart SET GOALS Personal Workshop CD—trains you to turn your dreams and visions into crystal-clear goals! $39.95 Included
9. The TQ Smart MAKE PLANS Personal Workshop CD—trains you to turn your goals into realistic, rock-solid plans! $39.95 Included
10. The TQ Smart PRIORITIZE Personal Workshop CD—teaches you to continuously remain focused on your priority #1! $39.95 Included
11. The TQ Smart SYNERGIZE Personal Workshop CD— trains you to create powerful leverage and interpersonal synergy! $39.95 Included
12. The TQ Smart ORGANIZE Personal Workshop CD— helps you GET and STAY organized! $39.95 Included
13. The TQ Smart OPTIMIZE Personal Workshop CD— greatly improves your time management skills! $39.95 Included
14. The TQ Smart ACT NOW Personal Workshop CD— trains you to take bold action to make your life an action adventure! $39.95 Included
15. The Secrets of The Time Prism— and 10 Colors of Intentional Excellence CD Audio motivates, educates and inspires! $19.95 Included
16. One Year Subscription— to Daily Lessons in Intentional Excellence via eMail! $119.95 Included
17. Custom Day-Planner Training Pages— augments your existing Day-Timer or Franklin Planner! $69.95 Included
18. Success On Purpose eBook— How To Achieve Purpose-Driven Success. This 172 page edition is ready to print in full-page, workbook format. $19.95 Included
19. Anatomy of The Achievable Goal eBook— How to Set and Achieve WOW Goals. This edition contains full working examples for expert use of the My TQ Dreams, Goals and Plans Center and is the principle resource used in the TQ Miracle of The Goal TeleSeminars. $19.95 Included
20. Full Spectrum Success eBook— The Key to Wealth, Power and Happiness. This 112 page edition is ready to print in full-page, workbook format. $19.95 Included
21. Premium Site Access— for 1 full year includes dynamic TQ charts, instant performance assessments, deep-linking to your 100 Factor Personal Lesson Plans, access to the My TQ Goals Center... access to the My TQ Mission & Purpose Center... and access to Premium TQ Content, Articles and Reviews! $119.95 Included
22. TQ Basics TeleSeminars— Basic TQ System Clients are invited to attend any three 1-hour TQ Basic Tele-Seminars during the first year after purchase. Experts will answer your specific questions! $99.95 Included
  Basic TQ System Total... $1033.90
  Your Price... FREE!

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Become a Success On Purpose — FREE...

"Success On Purpose steps up to the plate, swings the bat, and delivers a home run. A unique, timely and excellent sequel to The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren" ~ Lee Wise, Former Director of Internships
Baptist Bible Seminary

Finally, we are including our life-changing, 7 CD Audio Book package to help you personally (and your business) achieve true and lasting success. This important program normally sells for $69.95 on the site, but is yours FREE when you order now.

Success On Purpose is the STARTING-POINT for a life of true and lasting success—however you define it: Wealth... Power... Happiness... Significance — or just the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done your very best.

  • Discover your Natural MISSION and Authentic DIRECTION...
  • Expand your VISION of what's possible for your life...
  • Learn how to achieve SUCCESS without limits...
  • Create a life of PASSION, significance and meaning...

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Summary: One Year 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Totally RISK FREE. 8 Books with 19 CD's. Double your Net Profit in the next 12 months, or send it back and we delete you. Tomorrow this will cost you $500.

Be Smart. Order Now for $249.95.

Some self-confronting questions: "Where do I want to be at any given time?" "How am I going to get there? "What do I have to do to get myself from where I am to where I want to be?"... "What's the first, small step I can take to get moving?" ~ George A. Ford