The Golden Game Of Business:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

The Golden Game Of Business:

Essential Ideas for Business Success...

"Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility." ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Over the last few pages we talked about winning The Golden Game of Business. Now, to make certain we are both on the same page, we want to make sure you know exactly what the term "game of business" means and how it is played.

We understand that your hopes and dreams are NOT a game. Your family's dependence on what you have left over at the end of the month is NOT a game. Your employee's dependence on your success is NOT a game.

Your ability to live the life you want is NOT a game. This is not something you, or we, take lightly.

There are thousands of companies just like yours, who a couple of years ago had no better prospects than you do now. They were dabbling at it... going through the motions... not playing to win. But through constant attention and improvement, they committed themselves to a new course of action.

Here's what they did.

They took a hard look at their business... just as you are doing now.

They looked for areas that they could improve... just as you will do shortly.

They created a Strategic Plan for success... just as you are doing now.

They then took ACTION.

They worked the plan.

They achieved their plan.

They incrementally got more successful every quarter.

Doing this, they are now huge successes that allow their owners to live the life of their dreams.

Do you have the business intelligence to grow another Apple orchard with a brand value greater than any other company on Earth?

You can too.

Yes, you can join all the other successful businesses and create a highly evolved, virtually unstoppable sense of passion, purpose and MISSION for your company. You can become highly INNOVATIVE, creative and inventive in every aspect of your business. Constantly developing products and services that WOW your customers.

You can build strong teams of PEOPLE who will then go on to build a great business... through their continuous leadership and personal development... their strong MARKETING, SALES and PRODUCTION Management and highly effective OPERATIONAL, ADMINISTRATIVE and FINANCIAL Management inside your company.

You can create and manage a company that is built to last, from the ground up because of your dynamic, RESILIENT, and extremely adaptive skills at BUSINESS CYCLE MANAGEMENT... making sure that in good economic times and bad, you constantly provide your customers with maximum value.

Yes, you can build a highly profitable company with a strong foundation for long-term growth. But, it will take more than just hoping or wishing and wanting.

It will take actively improving what you do.

Improving how you do business to create more customers.

Improving how you manage your business to keep customers coming back and begging for more of whatever you offer.

Improving your company's internal Functions — to capture every single sales dollar and start putting more of them in your pocket — not letting them slip back out the door every month is your new-found goal.

No one said the game of business was a slam dunk. If it was a simple process where everyone just naturally succeeded, well, then everyone would be in business and everyone would be highly successful.

They're not. But you can be.

We want you to be one of the WINNERS.

Here's what we recommend.

Do what successful companies do.

Look for where you can make the greatest improvement in your company — right now.

Develop a Strategic Plan for exactly what you can do to make these improvements... right now.

Commit to the plan.

Work the plan.

There is one and only one question to be answered now... and you need to answer this question honestly.

Do you actually WANT to double your net bottom line
profits in the next 12 months... or not?

We know it's possible because we help people just like you do it every day.

But, you need to WANT it... to FEEL it... to COMMIT to it.

If you have the burning DESIRE to turn your company into all that it can be, you and we are both on the same page.

Even if you are a SOLO-PRENEUR or trying to build out a Network Marketing business, where you are in that all-important Start Up phase... GREAT NEWS.

Remember this: Every business starts out as an Army of One!

The game is exactly the same, if you are a one man, dog and pony show... and you are leasing the pony! It is exactly the same, if you are a woman who wants to make a great deal more money from her private practice. It is precisely the same, if you are in the Idea Phase where your imagination is driving innovation... creating the early kernel of an entirely new industry.

Think Steve Jobs and Steve Woznick getting together to rap about the potential of making microchips COOL... to package them into a COOL product called — get this — an APPLE Computer! They dreamed the dream every business person on the planet dreams: That THEIR idea would take off.

They started with a simple, but powerful MISSION: To put "Personal Computers" on the desk of — get this — every "Knowledge Worker" on Earth. They pitched their idea to everybody they knew.

The problem was, in the age of mainframes and minicomputers, nobody knew what a "PC" was. Too big to be a pocket calculator... too small to be a "real" computer. Why bother?

Worse, nobody ever heard of a "Knowledge Worker." A Steel Worker or a Bus Driver... sure! But just who, back in 1977... 1.2 Billion Years ago in "computer years" (think Dog Years only faster!)... was a "Knowledge Worker?" Who are they? Where can you find them?

These two kids spent night and day working their ideas into an innovative new package... in a garage at Steve's house. The money people in the valley had no clue what to do about their constantly pestering them for dough.

Two guys with nothing more than an idea... no real experience... just a lot of enthusiasm. Who would have thought they THEY would have the chops to build what has become the most valuable company on Earth?

The "Steves" were in it to win it.

Over time their ideas gained traction, started moving and quickly moved up the food chain from Stage-1 Subsistence/Sustainability... to a Stage-4, money-making machine that currently has more CASH on hand than the US Government ($84 Billion as of 9/1/2011!)

And, as you know from history, they didn't do it by themselves. They got help every step of the way. They found people who believed in them. They raised a few bucks to get going... less than $600,000 is the truth of the matter. They enlisted smart people with bigger talents than they personally had. They realized — from day one on — that the key to big time success is big time MARKETING... and enlisted the best PR and marketing minds on earth to push and pull their ideas through the market.

No question, they WON the game of business by PLANNING to WIN... then PLAYING to WIN! Little by little, they mastered the business-critical functions that are, well, CRITICAL to building a business... OF ANY KIND.

The take away from this? Even if you have no intention of building a multi-national company, the game is exactly the same... and if you expect to become "Bat Man," you better find your "Robin!"

As you will learn in the next chapter, there are just 3 Golden Rules to the Golden Game of Business. Learn them, and you can quickly move from a MOM-PRENEUR to an executive running a personal gold mine!

It does not matter if you are a "Personal Income Maximizer" or a true "Empire Builder." The RULES are the same. The business-critical functions are the same. The process is the same. And believe it or not, the THINKING is exactly the same. To make it big — or to move beyond bare subsistence up to Stage-2 Profitability — it takes constantly improving your Business SMARTS... to YES, you are starting to pick up the theme...

THINK Strategically... ACT Tactically... EXECUTE Brilliantly.

Do this, and you will make more MONEY than you ever dreamed possible.

Do this, and you will have more FUN than you ever dreamed possible.

It really does not matter if you are a MLM hopeful trying to build your Amway or Avon business... or an MIT graduate with a hot new idea for "Organic Computers." The GAME is exactly the same... and our advice holds:

Play to WIN or don't play at all.

If you are looking for some much-needed inspiration, be sure to read the incredible success stories in The Golden Game of Business Book 4: Creating Gold Mines. It is available right now in the Download center.

Be sure to read the story about the woman who, with only $350 and a stick figure logo turned Two Men and a Truck into the largest franchised moving company in the world!

A Caveat...

The Game of Business is not children's play. The stakes are way too high.

There is far too much to gain — and far too much to lose — to not treat this like the serious business it is. The Game of Business is for the committed... the serious... the people who want to win the game and who are willing to go all out. To make a difference. To change their lives for the better. To provide a solution to a problem. To make the world a better place. Not just to play to see how it turns out, or worse, to just escape from the dread of working for someone else.

Do NOT just dabble at it.

While the casual and curious will benefit from reading this book, the big prize will go to the convinced and committed.

Some games are played for recreation like tennis and video games. Some for entertainment. Some for the benefit of social interaction like a friendly game of cards or board games like Clue or Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit.

If you are playing the Game of Business for any of these reasons, you are playing the wrong game. The Game of Business is a highly competitive game that is played for only one reason. And that is to win the prize.

What does it mean to WIN?

It means to be tremendously successful — to get the results you want.

The results or the prizes of the Game of Business can vary depending on the reason you are playing the game. It may be for the money, it may be for the freedom, the personal challenge, or the chance to make a real difference in people's lives. It may be for the money that will let you live the life you truly love.

This is a High Stakes Game.

But make no doubt. Business is a serious game and you will lose big time if you try to compete against companies who have a greater focus on winning than you do. You will get creamed. You will be humiliated. You will lose all your money. You will lose all hope. Maybe even your personal identity.

Certainly there will be tears when you lose the game... and they won't be tears of joy.

Certainly your self-confidence and self-esteem will take a major hit if you constantly try, but fail to win.

Lose the game and you not only lose... your family loses... your friends lose... your employees and other stakeholders — people who believed in you from the start — lose not only confidence, but perhaps their livelihoods.

Yes, the stakes are VERY high.

The Game of Business is not an amateur sport. It is a professional game played with real money and the potential for huge money prizes for the winners. It may well become the biggest financial gamble of your life. And you can't afford to lose your stake in the game.

Study Emerson's quote. He got it right.

"Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will NOT be sent to you. You have to win it. The man/woman who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss. As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man or woman who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowing the Principles...

As a business owner/manager, your first obligation is to know WHAT to do. What needs to get done now? What needs to get done next — together with the best way to do it. If you don't know what to do, you must learn, discover, investigate, or hire the help needed to get it done.

Ignorance is no excuse for failure.

Those people in grey flannel suits who seize your store and put a sign in your window that says you didn't pay your withholding taxes don't care if you knew the deadlines, or not. The landlord doesn't care that you don't know how to manage your cash flow. They only want their rent check.

The rewards of running your own business are huge. But you shouldn't even be in the game if you don't know what it takes to be successful. You shouldn't even be playing the game if you don't plan to win.

If this is you, then you need to get a whole lot smarter as fast as possible!

Find a Smarter Way of Doing Business...

It could be said that, as the leader of your company your primary role is to keep hope alive — by moving your company to action. Then on to smarter actions. Then to the smartest actions known to anyone in your industry.

To do this, there is no way that you can rest on what you currently know... or what you knew when you started your business.

Regardless of how smart you think you are, regardless of how much training you had before you bought your business cards with "Owner" printed neatly below your name, you've got competition that is planning to win... and playing at a higher level that you are even aware right now.

You need to know exactly where you stand today. A clear, objective evaluation of your company strengths and weakness. Then, you need a Strategic Plan to overcome your weaknesses and increase your strengths.

The GREAT NEWS is that by the end of Book 2: Planning to Win, you will know EXACTLY what you are going to DO — quarter by quarter — to virtually GUARANTEE the success of your operation. You will have in your hands a priceless document... a Strategic Plan that lists, in exquisite detail, all the tactics you will employ to get going and start moving ever faster in the direction of your dreams.

Then, all that is required of you is what is required of every executive who ever built a strong, profitable, resilient organization... what is required of every entrepreneur who ever took an idea and turned it into a gold mine.


The golden game of business is won and lost, inch by inch, yard by yard, decision by decision. It is a game that is highly unforgiving... which is why so many try their hand at it and fail.

Fundamentally, to build a wildly successful company, our advice is what have now told you six times:

You must know the RULES of the game...
You must PLAN to WIN...
You must PLAY to WIN...

You must learn to THINK Strategically...
You must learn to ACT Tactically...
You must learn to EXECUTE Brilliantly.

By asking SMARTER Questions...
By making SMARTER Choices...
By taking SMARTER Actions...

Resulting in Gold Standard Performance.

The rest, as they say, are mere details!

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." ~ Vince Lombardi