Our mission is to save 1 million small businesses from certain extinction. Starting now with yours.

Our approach may seem like "shark-tank-tough-love" but if you invest 90 seconds with Leah's video, and flip through the first 5 slides below... you will be given the best business advice you can get at any price. Not pessimistic... not optimistic... a purely realistic assessment of your challenges and opportunities.


30 Second Executive Summary...


The COVID Crisis Has Created a
Survival of The Strategic™ Economy.

Every business is now a Start Up, Start Over or Reboot.
Adapt or die is not a catch-phrase. It's our new normal.

The Rules are Simple: PLAN to WIN ~ PLAY to WIN... or FAIL.

Strategy: Out-smart, out-produce, out-hustle, out-think,
out-market, out-sell, and out-perform your competition at every step.

We can help.

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Result: You Grow Faster + Make More Money.


We estimate 50% of the businesses that entered this crisis will struggle, scrape by, and not survive the next 18 months. About 10% will be huge winners. It's up to you decide which you will be.

    If you are worried about making payroll...

    If you are worried about your people...

    If You are worried about making money...

We will give you an EDGE to replace worry with positive action.


The process for strategic growth in a COVID-driven economy is this...

    1) Discover what's holding you back...

    2) Eliminate it.

    3) Do it now.

We make this process fast, easy, and simple: Take our exclusive small business stress test and in 90 seconds you will know exactly what you must do differently to:

    GET more new business...

    KEEP existing customers returning and...

    MAKE more money.

If you are serious about building a business worth owning, this is your starting point.


Once you know WHAT to do, the question becomes, "HOW to do it"?

The answer is MyQuickStrat™ — the fastest and easiest way to create real-world living strategies for your business. No theory... no MBA... no bull!

This is not just important, it is success-critical...

We have automated this system and guarantee you will have a real strategy to grow faster and make more money... 15 minutes after ordering MyQuickStrat™.

Please remember that in this economy, only the strategic survive. Attempting to survive without a living strategy is proof that Forrest Gump was right: "Stupid is as stupid does, momma says."


The key to business growth is EXECUTION... EXECUTION... EXECUTION...

Once you have your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly strategy all laid out in front of you, you will know WHAT to do.

All you need to do is MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You now have the strategic EDGE you need. All that remains is to ACT.


The winners in this "survival of the strategic" economy will be those hard-working, dedicated, smart players who never confuse EFFORT with RESULTS.

    You CAN always do better.

    You CAN expand even in this terrible economy.

    You CAN achieve results beyond your wildest hopes and dreams.

The key is simply this: THINK strategically... ACT tactically... EXECUTE brilliantly.

Why not try the smart way... the easy way... the guaranteed way to greater results, faster growth, and more money?

If you are serious about maximizing your business's potential, we will give you the tools, tech, and talent to make it happen.

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Plain Talk From A Successful Serial Entrepreneur...


To help you survive this crisis, we just reduced our $600 Biz IQ Strategic Planning Software to just $97. Order MyQuickStrat™ and in 15 minutes you will have a clear strategy to GROW faster and MAKE more MONEY.

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From The Desk of E. R. Haas, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur x22, Author x26 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire)

It's not that times are changing. It's that times have changed.

Every business in America is at risk of this Extinction Level Event (ELE). The cost of failure is unthinkable and the opportunity to succeed is equally unimaginable.

Our conservative estimate is that 50% of the businesses that entered this crisis will struggle, scrape by, and not survive the fallout ahead. About 10% will be huge winners. It's up to you decide which you will be.

If you are worried about making payroll...

If you are worried about your people...

If You are worried about making money...

You need an EDGE to replace worry with positive action...

The reality is that as our economy reboots, the only question is who will get the business? This will be the most hyper-competitive, unforgiving, and relentless business climate we have ever seen.

Yet, still...

Somebody will rapidly increase sales and market share. Will it be you?

Somebody will quickly grow to meet pent-up demand. Will it be you?

Somebody will turn their business into a Gold Mine. Why not you?

Now is the time to get ahead of the curve and start thinking about how to put your business back on a high-growth, high-profit track.

As a successful Serial Entrepreneur, my advice is to plan as if your life depends on it... because it does. Otherwise, you have what I call a ZOMBIE business where you are dead and don't even know it.

(I have invested in a couple of these and only wish it was "The night of the living dead" not the 3-year descent into the bowels of hades itself where we were stripped of all hope:)

But, as Nietzsche opined, "What doesn't kill you does make you stronger."

The single biggest mistake you can make is trying to grow
without an overarching strategy to guide your daily decisions.

You need a real plan... a Living Strategic Plan.

Without it, you are just stepping over dollars to pick up dimes.

Leaders that see the dollars and forget the dimes will be the winner as we reboot the economy.

No question, more millionaires and billionaires will still be minted this year than ever before.

You can be one of them IF you have the right tools to grow fast and grow smart. This war will be won by those with a good understanding of where they have been — accounting for decisions already made — but more importantly, tools that are predictive and intuitive in nature that point you forward in time.

About MyQuickStrat...

MyQuickStrat is the world's first instant strategy generator for small businesses... a success-critical tool that gives you what successful entrepreneurs call The Midas Touch — a tool that turns your company into a true gold mine. It's like hiring a $200 grand a year Harvard MBA to advise you for pennies a day!

MyQuickStrat™ shows you exactly what you must do each day — the actions you must take — to grow faster, make more money, and create a business worth owning. It is simple to use and instantly useful.

MyQuickStrat™ is predictive, intuitive, and leads you by the hand to greater results. It is in fact the perfect companion for programs like Quickbooks, ZOHO, etc. — the fastest and easiest way to realize your business's full potential.

Where accounting programs like Quickbooks focus on the PAST, we give you a living, breathing strategy to create a FUTURE where you grow faster... make more money... and have more fun. You need both, accounting to prove where you've been and a strategy to lead you where you want to go.

15 Minutes after purchasing MyQuickStrat™ you will have an actual Strategic Plan in your hands... a plan that will guide your business to optimum success: Faster growth... better cashflow... more fun.

It will tell you explicitly — in easy to understand language — exactly what you can do this week... this month... this year... to turn your business into a true gold mine!

We not only guarantee your satisfaction, we guarantee your results.

Use it for the next full YEAR and if you don't find it indispensable, let me know and I will give you 100% of your money back and we will part company as friends.

This is the smartest action you can take right now — all GAIN no PAIN!

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What Is MyQuickStrat, Exactly?

MyQuickStrat™ is a simple web-tool that creates living, breathing, actionable strategies in seconds — not days, weeks, or months.

MyQuickStrat™ guides future action. It is not a rearview mirror looking back, it is a powerful tool that focuses your attention on a series of small strategic actions that result in tremendous success over time.

MyQuickStrat™ will help you grow faster, make more money and have more fun. It is designed as the fast-easy way to do complex strategic plans in seconds, not weeks.

MyQuickStrat™ replaces expensive consultants and advisors, giving you the power to create a list of success-critical action-items at the touch of a button. Yes, you might need your accountant/advisor's help to start, but this is easier than keeping books or working your financials.

MyQuickStrat is broken into two components:

1) The first is the tool you use daily — your personal Strategic Plan generator. You simply select a few areas of your business you want to work on, print a punch-list, and get to work. Out of the thousands of things you could be doing, this tells you exactly where you need to focus your time and attention.

2) The second business-critical tool is the pure knowledge you need to succeed. Because everything is interactive, only the information you need is presented in a clear, understandable format. You will learn more about the operation of a highly successful business here than you can in 20 years of trial and error. These 4 custom-produced books are a reflection of exactly where you stand now and where you want to go. They paint a clear picture of the road ahead so you can avoid all the potholes, bottlenecks, and barriers to rapid growth and higher cashflow.


1) The Tool You Use Daily...

2) The Knowledge You Need to Succeed...

Start Now...

Our Guarantee: Buy it... Use it for a year...
If not thrilled... You get all your money back!


Easy. Simple. Fast.

We did all the hard work FOR YOU! We take the absolute BEST ideas within every business function and present them to you in their most highly distilled form. The result is that you have at your disposal the specific actions you know will make the biggest difference in your business right now... TODAY.

Yes, you need accounting software. But you can't stop there.

They are a rearview MIRROR reflecting where you've been.

MyQuickStrat™ provides the all-important future VISION that guides creative success.

MyQuickStrat™ contains an infinite source of ideas for action you could never come up with on your own...

All organized for quick access...

All woven into a simple to use TOOL that instantly creates a living strategic plan for the weeks and months ahead.

The result is that YOU now are in control of your business, not the other way around. Just by taking 10-15 minutes each week you will gain clarity of purpose and highly focused action... the key to entrepreneurial success!

"Plans are nothing; planning is everything." ~ President Dwight D. Eisenhower